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Locabri provides removable modular structures and buildings for rent.


Locabri designs, manufactures and markets temporary modular buildings and warehouses for industrial, logistics and large-scale retail clients.

Our expertise in the field has been built around three major areas :

> Providing extra space for businesses looking to expand their surface area,

> Supplying a dedicated rental solution to the distribution, industrial and logistics sectors,

> Positioning long term rental as a key factor for development.



Creation of the Locabri Company in Brignais, near Lyon (Rhône-Alpes, France) by André Palluis.

The company produced and distributed temporary and modular tents and shelters for events.  Within a very short time, the company started targeting large-scale retail groups by starting to develop aluminium structures.


Launch of the Abritex range.

Development of the industrial side of the business.

Positioning in the long term rental market.


Launch of the Modubat range


Launch of the Megatex range


Locabri is wholly purchased by Acto (an investment fund).  The company gained access to the resources needed for rapid development.


Creation of the Icare technology, an innovation in odour neutralization.


Awarded the ISO: 2008 certification


Design and marketing of the Flexibat range.


Full takeover of Locabri’s capital by TCR Capital, Siparex and Carvest.


Locabri celebrates 40 years of service to industry professionals and the wide distribution


chariot bâtiment industriel


Locabri boasts an integrated design office, staffed with experts from the various technical fields covered by our industry: material selection and resistance, statistical calculations and adapting products to specific conditions. The objective of the design office is to design new products.  This team is also the driving force behind the offers we make to clients in search of temporary modular buildings.  By creating plans, 2D and 3D representations, resistance calculations and optimized products, we are able to create structures which are perfectly suited to the needs of industrial and large-scale retail clients


Transport, installation and disassembly of modular buildings are performed by Locabri teams and our sub-contractors.  Our experienced builders erect structures both in France and abroad. Safety is our top priority.  We guarantee for our clients:

-  The creation of and adherence to health and safety protection plans, and a full safety briefing for our teams before their arrival on site.

-  Training for our assembly teams and sub-contractors in site safety and the use of our products.

-  The systematic use of PPE and full adherence to safety rules and regulations on construction sites.

-   Fully comprehensive and regularly updated documents about our operating methods. Risk assessment and associated preventive measures.


Thanks to our production workshops, we can react extremely quickly to produce temporary structures.  Metal cutting, canvas shaping and every other manufacturing operation is done according to each project’s specific needs, using the latest cutting-edge technology.


Throughout the entire lives of the modular structures we install, Locabri is there for our clients, whether for changes in the structure, adaptations for new requirements, maintenance or anything else.

With almost 1000 sites installed per year in France, there’s always a team near you who can answer your call as quickly as possible! Locabri is constantly focused on providing our clients with the best possible service.  This is why we’re committed to a process of continued improvement.

Our quality management system is ISO9001: 2008 and 2009 certified.  Please feel free to contact us about how we work and let us know what you think.  We always listen carefully to what our clients have to say.


Throughout the duration of your project, expert technical and sales teams will be on hand to assist you, helping you find the best possible solution when you need an additional covered space.




15 years’ experience in industrial and removable buildings

Eric Dewinter got his taste for business in the Cetelem Group, where he spent five years following his training at the IPAG European Management institute.  In 1999, he joined Locabri as a sales advisor.  Thanks to his operational success, he rose steadily up the ranks, becoming head of sales development, Sales Director and finally President.

"My commitment to Locabri is to achieve operational excellence for my teams and provide our clients with total satisfaction.”


Régine CHAUT

21 years’ experience in financial management

Trained at the IAE institute in Lyon and the ESDES school where she was awarded a DESS in HR, Régine chose to put her skills to work in the private sector.  For 12 years, she was Accounting Director in a subsidiary of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux.  Following this, she wanted to work in a small business so joined Locabri in 2005 as the Financial and Administrative Director.  In 2007, she was promoted to Financial, Administrative and Human Resources Director.

"I believe in putting my financial and human resources skills to work for the clients, employees and development of the company."


François NOIRÉ

12 years of expertise in industrial performance

Polytechnical Engineer - Industrial Engineering Cluster - INPG

His managerial role, he served in France, Europe and the US for SMEs and large industrial groups.

Customer service and profitability of the company are its targets, its levers to achieve them are purchasing, production and logistics.

In June 2015, he chose to integrate SMEs Lyon - Locabri - as Chief Supply Chain and Purchasing.


"I want to support the growth of Locabri for an ever more qualitative customer service, responsive and economically viable."





7 years’ experience in industrial and temporary buildings

Mechanical engineer – INSA institute in Lyon

Fabien started his career in metallurgy.  Next, he put his skills to work in design and development as the head of a design office in the billboard sector.  This taste for innovation intensified when he joined Locabri in 2007 as Director of our Design Office.  In March 2014, he was promoted to the position of Technical Director.

"My ambition is to strengthen the synergy within the company between clients, products and sites in order to increase what LOCABRI has to offer, while optimizing our industrial competitiveness."



6 years’ experience in the quality sector, working in high-risk environments


With a BTS diploma in Agricultural and Food Industry Quality and Bio-Industry, Estelle spent 7 years working in different roles in the quality sector, including 5 years as part of a group specializing in sterilization.  She joined Locabri in 2008 as Director for Quality and Sustainable Development.  Her first challenge was starting the process to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

"Today, my priority is to improve our relationships with our clients throughout our time together, with the aim of building a long-lasting relationship.”


François MILOT

After graduating from the ISC institute, François gained 20 years’ experience working for renowned companies such as Hertz Locations, Pitney Bowes and Fenwick.  Thanks to his experience in marketing goods and services, he has acquired considerable experience in client relationship management.

Since 2011, François has been Sales Director.  Alongside his teams, he ensures that our clients stay with us and promotes our technical and financial solutions.

"We’re the leaders in industry and distribution.  Our teams’ goal in to give our clients the best advice possible so we can provide them with an optimum solution.”