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The CTS – ERP regulations{register:sousTitre}

Regulations concerning big tops, tents, structures and public buildings

A consolidated legislative text which was published in the Journal Officiel (Official Gazette) on 3 March 2010, it describes all of the rules to be complied with for the design, establishment and maintenance of a structure that is a public building. The installation of these sorts of public buildings is subject to a safety register request.

An ID number is issued by the Prefect for the operation of such a venue.

The CTS regulation requires the use of an M2 fabric within the context of a metal and textile structure used as a public building. The principle is, that in the event of a fire, the M2 will open up above the fire without either being consumed or dripping. This will allow the smoke to be discharged.

In our business sector, this regulation was the first to be established, and all of our range of structures complies with these requirements.

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