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Can I install a removable modular building on any kind of surface?

Yes, provided that the ground is flat and has a compact coating (tarmac or concrete).  A pull-off...See more

Do removable modular buildings take long to install?

Modular warehouses are assembled extremely quickly and do not disrupt your company’s activities.  As...See more

How long can I expect a removable warehouse to last?

Modular structures are solid and long-lasting.  They can be guaranteed up to 10 years.See more

Can I modify the configuration of a removable building once it has been installed?

By definition, the design of a modular building enables it to be modified according to the needs of...See more

Are removable modular buildings an expensive solution?

Modular structures are considerably less expensive than their permanent counterparts.  Installed...See more

What is the minimum rental period?

Our rental packages offer great flexibility.  Modular structures can be rented for periods from one...See more

Who uses removable modular buildings?

LOCABRI’s main clients are large industrial groups, large-scale retail firms and logistics...See more

Are removable buildings environmentally friendly?

Modular buildings are made from aluminium or steel.  These materials are fully recyclable, and won’t...See more

Do I need a building permit?

Permanent modular buildings are subject to the same mandatory building permit as any other building....See more

Comment se déroule un chantier d'installation de bâtiment démontable ?

Dès lors que votre contrat de location ou d'achat de votre bâtiment démontable est signé, le service...See more