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RFX structures, Think modular

Modular warehouses


Industrial buildings


  Symplicity / rapidresponse Versatility / comfort Comfort / technical advantages
  For temporary additions Integrated ability to adapt: canvas to sheet steel roofing An alternative to permanent buildings
Delivery time 2 weeks* 2 weeks to 2 months* more than 3 months*
Use Storage/sales/construction Storage / construction / workshop** Storage / workshop**
Comfort Not insulated* Several insulation options Fully insulated
Anti-condensation Optional Optional Serial
Minimum rental time 15 days From 12 months, depending on finishes 24 months
Personalization Optional Optional Optional
Building permit

Not required for less than 3 months.

Possible exemption for other lenghts of time.


Possible exemption according to lenght of time and authorizations Mandatory
Price €€ €€€
Span 5 to 20 metres 10 to 20 metres 15 to 30 metres
Height 3 to 5 metres 3 to 6 metres 5 to 7 metres
Exterior Canvas or sheet steel Canvas, sheet steel or sandwich panels Sandwich panels
Roofing Canvas,double canvas Canvas, double canvas or sheet steel Insulated sheet steel
Frame Aluminium Aluminium Steel
Floor Compact Compact or foundation Foundation
RT 2005 Not eligible Not eligible Eligible (see technical specifications)
Fire resistance M2 Canvas M2 Canvas or M0 steel roofing with smoke vent M0 steel roofing with smoke vent, optional R15 frame or ICPE technical

* Standard delivery time    I   ** In compliance with the labour code depending on the activity