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Modular Warehouses

The Flexibat is the modular warehouse from the Locabri range.  It is designed especially for medium to long term storage, and has the unique feature of being able to use both a canvas roof and a fully insulated steel roof.

This modular structure is a flexible storage solution which enables you to:

  • Store your packaging, raw materials and finished products,
  • Shelter your merchandise retrieval areas,
  • Temporarily expand an existing building by pairing it with a Flexibat,
  • Shelter the truck loading and unloading bay, and many other functions.



«Flexibat, a versatile solution to meet all of your needs.»


30 days after signing the order


A cost/volume ratio in line with your requirements.


from 12 months.

Standard offer – for any other offer, please contact us
Span from 5 to 30m
Ridge height from 3.5 to 9m
Eave height from 3 to 6m

Span 5 to 20 m
Ridge height 3,50 to 9 m
Eave height 3 to 6 m
Lenght By multiples of 5 m
Anchoring to the ground Anchor plates attached using stakes or dowels
Frame Posts and beams using aluminium profiles
Assembly components
  • Posts and uprights fastened to anchor plates.
  • Post/beam assembly using lynch pins.
  • Wind-brace cable.
  • Textile:
  • Flexible PVC composite on a polyester backing, 650g/m², translucent white colour.
  • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust treatment, varnished on both sides.
  • M2 fire safety classification.
  • Steel:
  • Sheet steel.
  • Stretched fibre insulation coated with a layer of aluminium.
  • Smoke evacuation using dedicated vents.
  • Insulated translucent sheet panels.
Outer surface
  • Textile:
  • Flexible PVC composite on polyester, 590g/m, vertical grey/grey stripes.
  • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust treatment, varnished on both sides.
  • M2 fire safety classification.
  • Steel:
  • grey steel sheets or insulating sandwich panels.
  • Pedestrians:
  • panic door: single or double.
  • Site vehicles and trucks:
  • Lifting canvas panel.
  • Sliding canvas curtain.
  • Roller door.  Single or double sliding gate.
  • Rapid-lift roller door.
Optional extras
  • Lighting,
  • Rainwater evacuation: guttering, drip edge.
  • Double anti-condensation roofing.
  • Post protectors.
  • Cladding protectors.
  • Heating.

The calculation methods used for the structure dimensions are the reference standards:
AL76 (for aluminium framework) and CM66 (for steel framework) and Eurocodes (0 – 1 – 9).

«Client satisfaction is the best result we can aim for.»


"Our aim was to regroup both of our machining sites in one location without having to halt our operations.

Locabri offered us a solution which corresponded perfectly to our technical specifications, provided extremely rapid installation (2 months to construct the building, move the machines and continue to produce with no halt in production) and offered an attractive price.

Currently, our site is fitted with a 300m² insulated and heated Flexibat.  This building complies with all of our regulations and is properly adapted to our activities.  Our teams work in a well-lit, well-heated workshop.  What’s more, we’re saving money on heating as the Flexibat structure is better insulated than the factory we had before.

In the end, we decided to buy the building.  If we move sites in the future, we can take this structure down and bring it with us.

For me, the Flexibat is a genuine, high quality workshop.  This is a solution which I would certainly recommend to other companies.”

“We chose to use instant shelter type metal textile structures, as we only needed a temporary structure prior to moving to another site.

Our two selection criteria were speed of installation and the ability to dismantle the building.

Thanks to this type of structure, we can meet our temporary needs: storing our materials in a sheltered place and not leaving any traces of our presence or pollution on the land we’re renting.

Other members of the Point P Group had already used LOCABRI solutions, making it easy to set out our requirements and sign the rental contract.  For storage purposes we wouldn’t hesitate to call on you again.”


Idéa Logistique

"We specialize in personalized logistics services.  We use temporary modular buildings, such as those provided by Locabri, as covered storage solutions for use directly on our clients’ sites.  Locabri’s major advantage over the competition is that they answered our call quickly with a solution that meets our needs.  Currently, we use modular buildings for short time periods.  I wouldn’t think twice before recommending Locabri’s services to other professionals.”

"I work in a rapidly expanding transport company.  We work with large-scale retail companies who ask us to store more and more merchandise, so we need to respond rapidly to demand.  In fact, we were faced with a real emergency: we urgently needed to find a solution to increase our storage space without requiring any major investment.  By renting a temporary building, we could start using our new space very quickly.  This was ready in 48 hours, rather than weeks for a traditional building, and above all for a fraction of the cost!  What’s more, this building is very flexible.  In real terms, if our business continues to grow and we need more space, we can just enlarge the structure.  What we have is the same quality as a permanent building, but with key advantages like a rapid response time and great flexibility.”




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