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RFX is the temporary Locabri structure designed for short and medium term storage and additional retail spaces.  This structure is designed for two things, rapid response and great flexibility of use, enabling you to continue operating with no halt to your activities.

The RFX range offers a solution to the most common situations facing industrial, large-scale retail and logistics groups:

  • Stock overflow,
  • Construction work,
  • Store remodelling,
  • Customer area during additional sales periods,
  • Seasonal stock,
  • Accidents, etc.

According to its intended use and where it is installed, Locabri structures can comply with the CTS / ERP regulations and the NF / EN 13782 standards, making them safe and reliable places to work and shop.

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Standard offer – for any other offer, please contact us
Span from 5 to 20m
Eave height up to 5m
Module per 5m section

Span 5 to 20 m
Ridge height 3,50 to 9 m
Eave height 3 to 5 m
Length By multiples of 5m
Anchoring to the ground Anchor plates attached using stakes or dowels
Frame Posts and beams using aluminium profiles
Assembly components
  • Posts and uprights fastened to anchor plates.
  • Post/beam assembly using lynch pins.
  • Wind-brace cable.
  • Flexible PVC composite on a polyester backing, 650g/m², translucent white colour.
  • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust treatment, varnished on both sides.
  • M2 fire safety classification.
Outer surface
  • Canvas:

Flexible PVC composite on polyester, 590g/m, vertical grey/grey, grey/green, grey/blue stripes.

Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust treatment, varnished on both sides.

M2 fire safety classification.

  • Grey steel sheets:

lacquered, galvanized.

False gable end in flexible composite PVC canvas on polyester, 650g/m², white.

  • Pedestrians:
panic door: single or double.  
  • Site vehicles and trucks:
Lifting canvas panel.  
Sliding canvas curtain.  
Roller door.  
Single or double sliding gate.
Optional extras
  • Lighting,
  • Rainwater recovery: guttering, water capture on the ground.
  • Double anti-condensation roofing.
  • Post protectors.
  • Cladding protectors.
  • Surroundings: sandwich panel, Icare filters.
  • Heating.

The calculation methods used for the structure dimensions are the reference standards:
AL76 (for aluminium framework) and CM66 (for steel framework) and Eurocodes (0 – 1 – 9).

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Géant Casino Béziers

We use Locabri cladded structures for two reasons:

  • To extend our retail space, especially in summer as we are in the heart of the Mediterranean tourist zone.  We also have a garden furniture retail space.
  • To extend our stock reserve space.

The first point is the quality of the material.  With Locabri, it meets our expectations, complies with CTS standards and stands up to the wind.  This is actually pretty important in our region!!

The second point is the relationship we have with the teams.  Our sales contacts and above all the assemblers are used to our working methods and respond extremely rapidly to our needs.

What I really appreciate is always having a quick answer to my questions, and that you always keep your promises.  You’re available when I need to contact you, you are attentive to our specific requests and you always try to provide the best solution, even if it’s not what we were thinking of when we started!

For several years now, we’ve been using Locabri structures for temporary operations: storage, sales operations, or during construction or renovation work.

First and foremost, these units are quick to assemble and disassemble, and safety regulations are adhered to.  What’s more, they enable us to increase the retail space for our customers.  Working with Locabri is fast and effective, and our relationship with the Locabri teams is always very good.

Auchan Saint-Priest

Castorama Olivet

In Castorama Olivet, our most pressing need concerned construction work and keeping the store open during this period.  We also use Locabri marquees for storage and additional sales.

The main advantage in the use of these sorts of structures is the increased covered space available to us.

In terms of our relationships with your teams, what I really appreciate are the fast and systematic replies to my questions, and real professionalism in terms of adhering to safety regulations.

We have some very specific requirements in terms of increased space.  The works manager started working with Locabri seven years ago, and as I was satisfied with the service, we’ve never looked back.

Our retail space is rather confined.  In order to improve the quality of our retail services, I extended the “garden furniture” section into the Locabri structure.

I always work with the same company contact.  She understands my requirements and gives me all the information I need.  What’s more, the assembly team is always the same.  This enables a truly rapid response and zero time wasted when setting up the structure.

Jardiland Périgueux



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