Be called back

Continue its business following a disaster


The Real Estate and Asset Manager, Mr C. at Point P, gives his views on the way forward.

Locabri: What was your initial need?

Mr C.

Following the snowstorm in March 2013, our building was destroyed. It was necessary to rebuild it.

Locabri: Why a modular solution?

Mr C.

We are tenants of the land and no agreement has been reached with the owner to rebuild a building. We had two options: either close the site is to move towards a modular solution that allows us to leave this building when moving. The latter option was chosen.
Once the decision is made, the implementation of Flexibat was easy and quick. To the schedule was met, the site is very well in compliance with safety regulations.

Locabri: What do you make use of the modular structure Flexibat?

Mr C.

The modular structure Flexibat used to store materials.

Locabri: Would you recommend modular structures Locabri?

Mr C.

Yes, the Flexibat we have on our site meets our expectations.


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