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An interview with the New Project director and the Product Dispatch director for the Aubert & Duval Company, part of the Eramet Group

Locabri: What were you looking for?

Product Dispatch director:

We had run out of covered storage space for some of the merchandise that was ready to be shipped.  We need a lot of space as our parts weigh 8 tonnes each.

We asked our New Project team to come up with a solution which we could implement quickly.


Locabri: How did you go about finding a solution for the product dispatch team?

New Project director:

We looked at a range of possibilities, and it became clear that a modular structure was the right choice for three main reasons:

-       It was a very competitive solution in terms of cost,

-       We could set our own spaces and volumes.  In our business, we never know exactly how much product will be shipped and how much we’ll need to store,

-       With a rented structure we could be a lot more flexible in terms of management.

We decided to work with Locabri because they offered us a building which could be adapted over time: the Flexibat.  This was the solution which best matched our technical specifications.

Locabri: Tell us about the installation of your Flexibat solution.

New Project Director:

The unit was installed in June.  What impressed us was the speed of the installation and the full respect for all of our safety standards.  For us, this was Locabri’s main advantage.  Their safety policies, their risk assessment and risk prevention plan were fully drafted and rigorously applied on site.

From a technical point of view, they installed very high-quality cladding.  The roof keeps out water and condensation, and we don’t get any humidity.

Locabri: Are you happy working in this new building?

Product dispatch director:

In the beginning, our teams weren’t too keen on working in a removable modular building.  In the end, however, everybody’s happy and they all took to it really well!  This isn’t just a tent like we might have expected a few years ago, but a real building.  From a practical point of view for our day-to-day operations, this gives us additional storage space, and above all a sheltered place to work.  This is a serious consideration, especially considering we’re located in the Puy de Dôme (a region in central France with unpredictable, often violent weather).

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