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This high-street fashion brand called on Locabri to provide removable modular structures.

While their store was being refurbished, Kiabi decided to use Locabri removable modular structures to enable them to stay open and provide a retail outlet of the same size as the old one.

This is what the Kiabi Saint Priest (Rhône-Alpes, France) store manager had to say:

“That winter we planned a refurbishment for our store.  The building work was scheduled to last between two and three months and meant that we’d lose 1/3 of our space.

After looking at the range of options available to us, we opted for a metal and textile structure with steel-clad walls.  Once we’d fitted all the necessary heating, flooring and load-bearing supports, we were able to create a dedicated women’s fashion store.

The advantages of this solution were being able to maintain the same volume of retail space during the refurbishment works, and the rental package which enabled us to adapt the very presence of the structure to meet our needs.

I think these modular structures are well suited to our temporary needs, whether we’re undergoing construction work or if we just need extra retail space during the sales.”

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