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[Translate to Anglais:] Locabri, 800 m² de l'atelier toile

Redevelopment of industrial activity


At the headquarters of Locabri Brignais we have 3 areas dedicated to the production, iron workshop, flexible PVC composite workshop and wash flexible PVC composite space.

There are two years the iron workshop was refurbished, last year it's a new washing space that has emerged, and today the canvas workshop is being rehabilitated.

The floor of the 800 m² workshop production of the flexible PVC composite workshop get a new look.

This restoration was also an opportunity for the workshop manager and his staff to rethink their workspace and devised the best product flow from the raw material to the shaped canvas that will start on construction sites. Workstation ergonomics, lighting, storage everything has been redesigned!

After 3 weeks of work and a completely new ground, the team takes possession of the new space.

These investments made by our company enter into a broad reflection aimed at improving the working conditions of teams and responsiveness of services to clients.

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