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Locabri a temporary building on a classified site ...


A first for Locabri who installed one of these modular and demountable buildings on a classified site.

The case of Bailly-Lapierre Cellars in the Yonne in Saint Bris le Vineux.

Can you tell us about The Caves Bailly Lapierre?

Emmanuel D., Industrial Director

Our site is located in the heart of Burgundy, on an old mining quarry stone Thunder, since 1972.

This exceptional location allows us to benefit from more than 4 hectares of storage and production and to have 8 to 9 million bottles on site.

What was your initial need?

Emmanuel D., Industrial Director

Who says exceptional place also said geotechnical constraints, it is for this reason that we have used Locabri.

The safety of our underground facilities is essential. We must keep the premises and carry out maintenance work to avoid collapse and degradation of stone walls.

To do this, we have chosen to outsource part of our production and our storage. This outsourcing allows us to maintain the activity and carry out the work without any risk.

Storage 600m² and two production facilities have been deported.

What solutions have you chosen?

Emmanuel D., Industrial Director

During the project we had three major constraints:

- Compliance with food standards IFS to maintain our certification,

- The local plan does not allow us to file a building permit on this classified site,

- Speed of execution of work.

The removable modular solution appeared obvious. After consultation, we appealed to Locabri.

We started the project in May 2014. The building Flexibat, secluded version was installed during the summer. We transferred our activities in the fall and since 22 December everyone is stationed in the building.

What convinced you Locabri in the solution?

Emmanuel D., Industrial Director

3 points have strengthened me in my choice:


  1. Speed of deployment of the solution and the support offered throughout the project,
  2. The cost: rental of 2 years allows us to spread our investment,
  3. Modular which gave us the opportunity to build with precarious permits and comply with the PLU.

Today Flexibat your vessel is in operation, is that all is well?

Emmanuel D., Industrial Director

Yes, from our facility we took new habits. It only remains for us the temperature maintenance to finish.

This "return" to the surface has brought better working conditions in terms of brightness to our teams.

In addition, we took the opportunity to review workstation ergonomics and production chain as a whole. This allowed us to obtain and renew our certification on food standards.

Finally, the structure is well integrated into the site Bailly-Lapierre cellars and close the chain of production of other services.


In conclusion, we are pleased with our investment and believe we have made the right choice with the rental solution with a modular and removable building.


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