Our achievements

    Realization: Aguettant Laboratory Logistics Platform

    Since 1880, the Lyon-based Aguettant family has been serving the health sector by specialising in injectable medecines. Today, the Aguettant Laboratory exports its products to more than 60 countries.

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    Protect your industrial buildings against fire risk

    The most frequent accidents that occur on industrial buildings in France according to the ARIA database on technological accidents[1] are : 

    1. Fires
    2. Discharge of hazardous materials
    3. Explosions

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    The pallet: a product that is exploding in the current context

    The threat of shortages due to rising wood prices, soaring demand and new regulations is starting to put pressure on the trade. How can manufacturing companies adapt in the current context of booming freight transport? How does a seemingly remote phenomenon like BREXIT affect the pallet sector? What is ISPM 15? We tell you all about it here :

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    Success story: Leroy Merlin Lyon - Vourles storage optimisation

    As part of the deconfinement process, Leroy Melin Lyon - Vourles called on Locabri to expand its storage space. The installation of a modular building helped the shop to cope with an exceptional increase in supplies.

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    How to choose a bulk storage solution ?

    For the past ten years, Locabri has been working more specifically with the trade and food industry. Companies such as Cargill, Ragt and Atena have placed their trust in us.

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    Reorganisation of a production site at Oxena

    Oxena, created more than 60 years ago, is part of the CTH group. Located in Portes lès Valences, it specialises in the manufacture of bleach-based products, demineralised water, anti-foam and anti-mould products.

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    Storage and protection of equipment at Reval'Green

    The intensive use of resources and the release of waste into the environment contribute to the deterioration of our environment. The volume of waste has increased since 1950, as have its harmful effects on health, the environment and the economy.

    That is why sustainable waste management and treatment is everyone's business.

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    Our method works, they talk about it


    « The choice of a modular building was made for administrative reasons, which were easier to manage, and for the speed of execution. Locabri installed a 15-metre wide, 40-metre long building in April 2019, one side of which is completely open, with a height of 6 metres.

    The biggest problem on the site is the climate and the wind, because we store at height. The Locabri teams have already made technical adjustments to strengthen the resistance. »

    logo oxena

    « We had no more covered space available to store the goods to be shipped. The modular solution was the right alternative for 3 reasons :

    • the reduced cost,
    • the flexibility of our space and volumes,
    • the possibility of stopping our contract.

    We chose to work with Locabri, which offers a scalble building that meets our specifications »

    Aubert & Duval
    Aubert & Duval logo

    « We chose  to rent this industrial demountable building with a tailor-made size that met the criteria of the local regulation.

    This choice was made because Locabri's support is personalised, the building was available quickly, complies with safety regulations and is turnkey »

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