Many companies in heavy industry and manufacturing work continuously without ever stopping their production processes. They sometimes though have to shut down in order to comply with standards, to make temporary extensions, or to set up a new production line. Dismountable modular buildings enable you to maintain your activity flow during maintenance or works in your main building.

    Dismountable buildings adapted to the needs of industry


    Avoid disruptions by grouping your activities on site

    Internalising a stock managed by a service provider

    Your stock is currently managed by an external service provider. You can think about outsourcing your storage if there are always shuttles coming and going, there isn't much responsiveness or flexibility, or simply because the cost of this solution is too high. Our solutions can be installed directly on your site, as close as possible to your needs, limiting, as far as possible, the costs of civil engineering and site works. We can set up a rental agreement or sell the buildings.  You then have better control of your process, you can pool your buildings and your teams and reduce your costs.

    Take care of your staff and ensure compliance with regulations

    Coverage of an outdoor work area

    You currently have a work area located outside. You might think about covering this region for a variety of reasons, such as to give your employees better working conditions, implement new quality standards, or meet increasing client demands. Your demand is straightforward: just shield your activity from inclement weather. Your activity does not require regulation of the temperature within the space. Our solutions are perfectly adapted. The PVC soft roof offers good resilience and allows light to enter while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

    Respond to strategic directions while securing immediate operational needs

    Site Reconciliation/Reorganisation

    For a variety of reasons, your industrial site may need to change. For instance, you might decide to expand your facility, alter your supply chain or procedure, or relocate one of your sites. This phenomenon is currently being observed due to the reality that many French manufacturers have decided to internalise activities or repatriate certain subsidiaries located abroad. These decisions are sometimes sudden and the time available to organise is often short.

    Spontaneously, manufacturers may be researching a classic extension or an in-depth renovation of their buildings. These steps are time-consuming, resource-intensive and can represent very significant investments. Installing temporary metal-textile storage structures is an alternative: the project is swiftly pre-engineered, transport and assembly times are fast, the equipment's level is customised to your requirements and ultimately, you can take advantage of the flexibility of renting. In cases of longer-term use of these buildings, their sale can be considered.

    Protecting your stocks at the best value for money

    Modification of flows/supply chain/new needs

    You've recently decided to adjust your supply chain to the market and your evolving needs. We can offer you the installation of metal-textile buildings directly on your site. These are perfectly suited to protecting your stock from bad weather.  Their installation may be temporary or permanent. This will allow you to benefit from more flexibility, at the best price, as soon as possible.

    Focus on long-term projects while securing business continuity

    Additional room while final building is ongoing

    You've chosen to construct a new structure or an addition to accommodate your demands. Pre-study, plan-writing, selecting service providers, securing authorizations, supply/production, and construction are all processes that frequently require a lot of time. Until the facility is delivered, your company could then need to find storage options. Finding a precarious lease or outsourcing storage is not always easy and has its constraints. Depending on your requirements, we can install a storage structure right on your property. When your building is delivered, you return the building to us in accordance with the rental agreement we set up for the duration of the construction. Therefore, by selecting a flexible, useful, and affordable solution, you can continue your development.

    Securing the ideal balance between the various stages of manufacturing and the expansion of the firm

    Establishment of a production/packaging/finishing/packaging line

    Your industrial site needs a new production line. The footprint of this line will probably mean freeing up space and reorganising your building or your logistics flows. This line cannot fit in the building; therefore, there may be a need to "take out" the less delicate items. These goods can be found either upstream in the supply chain as raw materials, components, or subassemblies, or downstream as completed goods or dry goods (pallets, cartons, packaging). Sometimes there isn't enough time to wait for a new structure or to think about an extension. Similarly, the outsourcing of storage is not always feasible or the right option. The answer is a temporary structure, which can be purchased or rented and is provided relatively quickly with the necessary amount of equipment. 

    Locabri will support you

    Do you need to create an extra temporary space ?

    We support you throughout the process and we offer a rented solution adapted to your needs.

    Our support

    Do you need to create a definitive or very long-term space ?

    We offer the sale of our structures to companies that have a firm and long-term vision and wish to invest over several years. The purchase is considered as a cash outflow (Capex).

    Our support

    Modular buildings validated by professionals


    Discover the uses of modular solutions by our customers.
    We thank them for their trust and their testimonies.

    « We are specialised in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture. We needed to expand our storage area, so we bought some Locabri modular structures. What convinced us to choose the solution proposed by Locabri was the speed of the installation. »


    « Due to our rapid growth, we need room for the storage of semi-finished goods. These products are bulky and require a large storage area. 

    We chose a modular warehouse of 250 m², with a height of 5 metres, which we are renting. »

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    « The first benefits are human ones. Part of our teams work outside summer and winter. Now they have shelter for part of their work. Handing, such as packaging, is more ergonomic and of a better quality. »

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    « Our company builds chalets, frameworks, and wooden structures. We needed covered storage area to store dry wood. What convinced us in the use of modular structure is flexibility. Their use was not bound by time and we could develop our building according to our activity. In addition, these structures were spacious enough to install racks. »

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