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    Why should you join us ?

    Do you want to be part of a dynamic, diverse, egalitarian company, on a human scale and committed to sustainable development ?

    At Locabri we design, manufacture and install dismountable buildings for our customers. But we are, above all, women and men who work to facilitate the growth of more than 1,000 companies in Europe.


    Today, Locabri is :

    🏗️ 3 jobs/day carried out by our 15 assembly teams

    🏢 250.000 m² of dismountable buildings per year

    👷🏽‍♀️80 people in France and Europe with clearly customer-oriented DNA.

    The benefits

    Join Locabri



    A recognised company

    Locabri is a member of the FrenchFab, ISO 9001 certified since 2009 and was awarded a DCF award in 2021 to reward the excellent commercial performance of Locabri, especially during the health crisis, a key player in the region.


    Integration process

    A tailor-made integration plan for each newcomer who is also given a welcome kit of goodies in the colours of the brand


    Contribute to projects for major brands

    Thanks to the collaboration of all the departments that make up Locabri, we can proudly state that we are able to deliver more than 1,000 sites a year. A large proportion of them are for large industrial players, large retailers and local authorities in France and Europe

    The benefits

    Become a part of our team



    Close and attentive management

    Coffee in the morning with the chairman Moments of socialising and sharing with the directors of the services. At Locabri, everyone is accessible, and the office doors are always open.



    The development of skills and the development of our employees is important to us. A personalised career and development plan for the position will be put in place and reviewed each year according to the objectives and interests of each employee.


    The sense of celebration

    To celebrate big business, the success of a project or simply to promote cohesion between teams and promote moments of sharing, we organise after-work events and BBQs during the year.


    Remote working

    Work-life balance is a priority for Locabri. If the position allows it, remote working is possible several times a week.


    Company Social Committee

    A very active CSE, which regularly offers good plans, which is very involved in business decisions and with elected officials belonging to most of Locabri's departments.

    What makes us tick

    Our values


    Satisfying our customers

    We repeat it all the time, but that's because it's what makes us who we are.
    At the heart of our daily lives, we do everything to understand their needs and their stakes, to be transparent and to guarantee the continuity and development of their activities.

    We know how to adapt and be agile thanks to our 100% personalised and pragmatic support, seeking efficiency and innovation at all times.

    Delivering on our commitments

    Whether it is the deadlines, the budgets or the level of quality announced to the customer, we want to respect them.
    Punctuality, always making the best of efforts, being transparent and demanding first with yourself and then with others, putting the safety of the Customer at the heart of its work process are the commitments we make in each project.

    Ensuring the safety of property and people

    Basically, we respect the safety rules at all times, being aware that we are all responsible for the places and the equipment of work and we show goodwill and respect for each other.
    We are also ISO 9001 certified since 2009 and our structures are subject to regular checks.

    Taking initiative – being entrepreneurial

    At Locabri, autonomy is important. Taking initiatives and always seeking to improve is part of all the company's employees.
    Working in a close, organised and cohesive manner with everyone for maximum efficiency at the service of the customer, being daring and being a part of their journey, seeking to understand and find solutions, being aware that we all represent the Locabri company.

    Locabri recruits for different types of positions and internships

    Consult our job and internship offers at the top of the page, or be spontaneous !