Our commitments

    Locabri and its CSR

    Since its creation, Locabri has endeavoured to build long-term win-win relationships with its stakeholders: customers, employees, service providers, suppliers, shareholders and beyond.

    As buildings and metallurgy professionals, Locabri demonstrates clear commitment and, above all, action to ensure the pragmatic stewardship of the three axes of sustainable development.

    In 2022, Locabri was awarded a silver medal by the independent organization Ecovadis for its commitments in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility. This evaluation is based on four main themes: the environment, human rights, ethics, and responsible purchasing.




    Environmental preservation



    Sustainable and respectful growth



    Societal development

    Where does Locabri come in?

    Locabri is a player in the circular economy

    Sustainable procurement

    Responsible purchasing.

    • Locabri makes most of its purchases regionally or nationally
    • What cannot be sourced in France is sourced in Europe
    • All Locabri suppliers are partners with whom we have had a long-standing relationship for many years.


    Integrate environmental aspects into product design.

    • Locabri uses as little material as possible to create the maximum volume while guaranteeing the required strengths (which explains the choice of aluminium and canvas)
    • Industrial (and territorial) ecology...

    The functional economy

    Locabri's offer is part of the functional economy.

    The space made available to a customer for their time of need is then dismantled to be reused by another after maintenance and overhaul, thus maximising the times of use and the lifetime of the buildings.


    Locabri optimises its journeys with the aim of limiting the transport of equipment and the movement of teams.

    Optimisation of lifespan

    Through the regular maintenance of products and the management of the degree of esteem: expectations are not the same for a showroom or a workshop as for covering a skip or a pollution control site !

    Recycling, end of product life

    All Locabri products within the framework of the rental cycle are either recycled (aluminium in particular for non-structural applications) or upgraded. However, the level of waste remains very low.

    We collect all the waste during the maintenance of the structures sold to organise their recycling. The end-of-life management of the structures sold is less obvious as the lifetime is long subject to maintenance.

    Locabri is a company committed to its employees and to the company


    The men and women who make up the company

    Locabri values diversity and gender equality within its teams

    We are proud to display a score of 55 out of 60 on 3 criteria of the M/F professional equality index :

    • The difference in salary increase between women and men
    • Women who have returned from maternity leave and who have an increase in their pay
    • The number of people from under-represented groups present in the company's 10 highest salaries

    Since 2006, the company has been run by a management committee with male-female parity.

    • More than 6 nationalities are represented and distributed throughout the company.

    Locabri shares the value with its employees

    • Profit-sharing agreements and incentive schemes
    • Evolution on merit, low turnover

    Our societal commitments

    Locabri promotes business development and preparing for the future helps prepare young people for the world of business.

    • In partnership with AJE Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Locabri (excluding the COVID period) hosted classes on business visits
    • In partnership with the MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France), Locabri intervenes within the framework of the School-business relations to present its activity
    • Locabri welcomes our employees' children for their year 10 internship through a tailor-made course to let them discover the aspects that interest them
    • Work-study training is also at the heart of our training system: we have 3 to 4 work-study trainees who come to train and participate in the development of the company
    • More occasionally, Locabri has intervened within the framework of the 'activ’entreprendre' system to share its experience and support a start-up in the launch phase
    • And of course, we participate in the job forums in our region

    Our employees are also involved

    Especially through sports activity, and Locabri supports them


    • We are one of the 11,000 people who managed to walk 2,826,115 kilometres in 4 weeks and raise more than €850,000 in support of Action Against Hunger missions in 2021.
    • We support local sports associations in which our employees are involved.

    All this is good, but for what result ?

    Measuring the impact of our CSR


    We do not have an impact measurement tool, so it is impossible for us to quantify performance in this area.

    Nevertheless, we carried out a study in 2011 in partnership with the company Serge Ferrari and Evea. Two complementary approaches to analysis were implemented :

    • The analysis of Material and Energy Flows (AMEF) aimed at accurately characterising all the specific flows of the systems studied from primary data
    • Life Cycle Analysis aimed at globally characterising all environmental issues « from cradle to grave » 
      Obviously the impact of Locabri's activity is not neutral, and we therefore wanted to compare ourselves to the alternative solutions to the rental of modular structures offered by Locabri.

    Three storage solutions were compared :


    Construction of a classic hangar


    Construction of a logistics platform for a service provider


    Rental of a modular structure

    On almost all the parameters studied, the solution proposed by Locabri pollutes less and generates less greenhouse gases than the alternative solutions studied.

    Study available on request

    Functional unit analysed: storage of a European standard pallet (1,2 x 0,8 m²) and its load in a covered space for 1 month

    What next?

    Locabri's CSR objectives


    The next step is for us to enter into an active low-carbon approach.

    For this we have planned to :

    • measure our carbon footprint
    • define our climate strategy aligned with the Paris agreements, and find solutions to make it operational
    • Internalising skills in order to make our approach sustainable
    • Involve our employees  and enhance their commitment

    We are aware that it takes time to get the company moving in the low-carbon transition. Awareness-raising of the teams is underway, the report and trainings will be carried out in the last quarter. Then we will be ready to determine the levers of actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Let's talk about our commitments

    A CSR project is built together: do not hesitate to come and meet with us to discuss our medium- and long-term commitments.

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