Construction and Public Works

    Integration of a workshop on site, creation of a space for securing products and materials or the modification of a flow of people... there are so many challenges that can appear during a construction project and that can be easily overcome with the installation of a dismountable building.

    Modular buildings adapted and adaptable to construction needs


    Increase efficiency and availability by having maintenance at your fingertips

    Workshop on site

    In-situ production is heavily favoured for many construction components in the current environment due to economic shifts and rising transportation costs.

    Railway yards may have been the first to implement mobile workshops, but other types of yards are increasingly using this technology which brings with it vast improvements to the organisation of supplies to closed and independent yards. 

    Temporary constructions are a quick, affordable, and ultimately inadequate response to this problem. 

    Secure the quality of materials and the optimisation of the associated logistics

    High-height bulk storage with concrete base

    A temporary storage area for aggregates can be strategic for controlling costs and site logistics. Directly placed on load-bearing blocks, our dedicated solutions make it possible to maintain the initial quality of the materials  and easily install these storage areas in the appropriate location for the supply of your constructions.

    Put in place preventive measures for your materials, tools, and machines

    Protection and security of products and materials

    More than 500,000 thefts are made on the construction sites. To secure construction sites, construction professionals must comply with basic practices: clearly delimit the perimeter of the construction site, store it before leaving and avoid stockpiling.

    However, the main solution to ensure the safety of materials remains the establishment of storage areas to keep the tools and equipment essential to the site intact. Our structures allow you to have a secure space, ideally located for the duration of your construction.

    Supporting the development of urban mobility

    Modifying the flow of people

    There are many rehabilitation projects in the city centre. To better manage the traffic flows generated and avoid inconveniences and nuisances, operators use customised solutions that adapt to the environment.

    The dismountable structures fit perfectly into these reflections by offering flexible and malleable covers to organise flows of people or goods.

    Locabri will support you

    Do you need to create an extra temporary space ?

    We support you throughout the process and we offer a rented solution adapted to your needs.

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    Do you need to create a definitive or very long-term space ?

    We offer the sale of our structures to companies that have a firm and long-term vision and wish to invest over several years. The purchase is considered as a cash outflow (Capex).

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