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Industrial awnings and tents

Our standard offer

Quickly create additional storage spaces

Available for all industrial, mass distribution and community needs

Scalable, moveable and cost-effective for maximum storage volume


The advantages of the offer




The assembly time is short. Availability of equipment: the marquees are delivered turnkey in less than 20 days.



You can transform and evolve your industrial tent as your development evolves.



Your rent is always in line with your level of activity and the use of the equipment is adapted to your needs.



The construction uses the minimum amount of material.

Industrial Awnings

Areas of usage

The uses of awnings are manifold and encompass all sectors of activity. This structure was designed to meet your needs for ad hoc extensions for storage, during a period of renovation work, a change in activity or following an incident.


Outdoor storage

Pallets, packaging, materials or products: either fully open or partially closed off.

Loading or unloading area

ZRM for merchants, buffer zones, and cross docking are frequently employed.

Recovery and recycling area

To accommodate your workers to sort waste, handling equipment or high dumpsters. Locabri canopies are installed on concrete blocks or walls to provide you with the best operating potential.

For communities

Locabri awnings can be adapted for use in courtyards by local authorities: for accommodating pupils or members of the public during periods of building work.

The advantages of industrial awnings and marquees


  • No foundations: they are built on compacted soil.
  • The awnings can be installed individually, attached to an existing building, or even linked together.
  • Their construction method means quick delivery and assembly.
  • They comply with the  EF/NF 13782 standard and with standards applicable in the building industry.

Awnings and industrial marquees

Technical specifications


Coverage :
from 5 to 20 metres
Length :
in multiples of 5 metres
Wall plate height :
from 3 to 5 metres
Roofing height :
from 3.50 to 9 metres
Anchorage to the ground :
plates fixed by concrete piles or pegs
Framework :
aluminium or steel profile
  • Roof
  • Proposed lighting
  • Periphery
  • Openings

  • Flexible PVC composite on 620g/m² polyester support translucent white colour
  • Anti-UV, anti-crypto, anti-dust, double-sided coating
  • M2 Fire resistance. Roof-edge tension bars

Proposed lighting
Proposed lighting

  • LED
  • Chandelier
  • Neon
  • Safety block
Depending on the use of the marquee and the regulations in force.



  • PVC composite on 590g/m² polyester, solid colour or striped.
  • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust, double-sided coating.
  • M2 fire resistance.

Steel tray

  • Grey galvanised lacquer
  • False gable end in flexible PVC composite fabric on white 650 g/m² polyester.



  • Door or panic door, 
  • Single or double leaf,
  • Automatic glass door

Material handling equipment and trucks

  • Lift-up canvas panel
  • Sliding fabric curtain
  • Double-leaf sliding gate

Locabri's teams will support you in setting up your awning.

At Locabri, we offer this service for all our modular dismountable buildings.

The installation of the industrial marquee is carried out directly on your site

It is fully modular and dismountable: tailor-made and scalable surface area, numerous layout and equipment options.

  • Assembly is fast
  • The installation site is clean and does not have an impact on your business.

A rental price adapted to your growth

When opting for rental, the amount of the rent is in line with your level of activity.


Additional equipment

You can add specific equipment depending on your need, whether it is short- or long-term.

Pole protection


The coming and going of handling equipment in storage areas can occasionally increase the risk of a collision with the building! In order to avoid such inconveniences, Locabri offers pole protectors that surround the poles. This equipment is an essential safety component.

Rainwater collection


We can install a twinned channel to collect rainwater if you link your commercial awning to your building. This prevents runoff along the buildings.

Double canvas roof


The double roof is fitted into the lower groove of the crossbar. This second skin, manufactured by the company Serge Ferrari (402), provides highly effective protection against condensation.

The double roof reduces the thermal load in the marquee.

Adaptable lighting


Depending on the activity carried out under the marquee: permanent staff under the marquee or only passing through, the lighting is adaptable. This makes it possible to consume just what is needed in terms of energy with LEDs: ambient, industrial and safety lighting.

Water recovery


With a continual concern for the environment and for staff well-being, the industrial marquees can collect water from above and at ground level: guttering, junction valleys, drip trays, etc. This equipment makes the modular structure watertight.

Protection of walls and poles


Locabri offers cladding guards and post guards. This equipment is positioned at the bottom of the wall at a distance studied with you. These protections are an integral part of the safety of your industrial marquee.


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