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100% insulated temporary buildings

Our thermo-insulated offer

Control the temperature inside the temporary buildings and increase the thermal comfort for the employees working inside

Reduce the ecological impact of energy consumption to air condition the building

6 times more insulation than the standard double roofs, without complexifying the installation of the structure

The advantages of our offer




The construction uses the minimum amount of material for a maximum of insulation.


Temperature control

The temperature is controlled thanks to the principle of insulation which is 6 times superior to that commonly used of 2 roofs one on the other or of overpressed roof (anti condensation).



Your rent is always in line with your activity level and the energy consumption of a double-roofed building is 50% higher than the thermo-insulated structure.



The assembly time is short. The insulated modular buildings can be delivered turnkey in less than 20 days.

Insulated buildings


The uses of insulated buildings are multiple and potentially concern all sectors of activity. This solution has been designed for 2 types of customers: those who have a temporary need and the need to control the temperature with the contribution of a heating or air conditioning and those who plan a long use, even permanent and have the will to limit the heating during the summer and / or cooling in winter without additional energy contribution. Of course the buildings retain the flexibility of temporary structures. The possibility to dismantle and transfer the building to another site remains the same.


Temporary store

Control the temperature inside the building and receive the public while your store is under construction.

Goods protection

Better protect goods that require a certain temperature to be stored or that do not tolerate temperature variations

The benefits of temporary insulated buildings


  • Without the need for a foundation, they are built on compacted ground.
  • These buildings can be installed individually, attached to an existing building, or linked together.
  • Their construction process allows for exceptional speed of delivery and assembly compared to a traditional building.
  • They allow to control the interior temperature of the building and to make savings related to heating or air conditioning.

Insulated buildings

Technical specifications


Span :
from 10 to 30 meters
Length :
By multiples of 5m
Side height :
3 to 6 meters
Ridge height :
3,50 to 12 meters
Ground anchoring :
Plates anchored by piles or concrete plugs
Frame :
Aluminium profile
  • Roof
  • Lights
  • External walls/periphery
  • Main access

  • Patented system associating two flexible PVC composite boards on a white translucent polyester support (650g/m² and 490 g/m²) treated with anti-UV, anti-crypto, anti-dust, coated with a double-sided varnish and a 75mm insulator based on recycled PET fibers (thermal and phonic performances)

  • Tension bars in roof edges


  • LED
  • Chandelier
  • Neon light
  • Safety block
    Depending on the use of the tent and the regulations in force.

External walls/periphery
External walls/periphery


  • Double roof + insulating component


  • Insulating sandwich panel

Main access
Main access


  • Door or anti-panic door
  • Single or double leaf
  • Automatic glass door

Handling equipment and trucks

  • Lifting canvas panel
  • Sliding fabric curtain
  • Double leaf sliding gate

Locabri's teams will help you install your insulated roof structure

At Locabri, we offer this service to all the temporary buildings users who are looking for a solution to control the inside temperature.

The installation is carried out directly on your site with all the advantages of Locabri demountable buildings

✔️ Economical
✔️ Fast
✔️ Transferable
✔️ Modular
✔️ Low environmental impact
✔️ Fire safety
✔️ And now truly insulated: more comfortable and energy efficient


The combination of an insulating material with the classic double roof system allows it to retain its essential characteristics

Speed of piercing and non propagation of flames in case of fire.

Insulation made of 2/3 recycled material.

Reduction of the ecological impact linked to the consumption of energy to air-condition the building.

A rental price adapted to the evolution of your activity

The rental price is in line with your level of activity.


Additional equipments

You can add specific equipment according to your needs, whether short or long term.



Do you want your storage building to match your brand? It's possible, and it's an equipment more and more requested by our customers who often have structures customized with their logo, company colors...


Different types of lighting are proposed [led, chandelier, neon, safety block] according to the use of the warehouse and the regulations in force in the sector of activity. This allows us to consume the right amount of energy.

Rainwater collection

Always with a concern for ecology and the well-being of the teams, the industrial tents can be equipped with overhead and ground water collection systems - gutters, connecting channels, dripstones, etc. This allows rainwater to be directed and facilitates its evacuation.

Walls and poles protection

In order to avoid the risks related to the collision of the machines with the building, we propose you protections cladding which come to position at the bottom of the wall, at a distance personalized and studied with you, as well as protections posts.


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At Locabri, we are here to support you in your choices and at all stages of your project.


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