Seasonal storage, bulk, big bag, rack or pallet, finished products. Dismountable buildings are used to install their production line, or to perform maintenance on their machines. They are subject to numerous requirements: temperature control of the building, exposure to light, protection against pests, etc.

    Dismountable buildings adapted to the needs of the agri-food industry


    Avoid breaks and secure budget forecasts

    Securing supplies – preventive stock

    In a situation where there is a serious crisis in the supply of agri-food raw materials, storage is the sole option to ensure availability, a consistent cost (despite significant price fluctuations), and income continuity. For building up this storage, even for large volumes, our demountable structures are frequently the ideal option due to their availability, affordability, and speed of installation. For rent or purchase.

    Guarantee maximum volume without compromising on the robustness and quality of the installations

    High rack storage on concrete wall

    Bulk storage is a specific pursuit and one that needs suitable buildings: a facility must have robust walls to sustain cereals, soybean meal or any other bulk commodity, a high ceiling to accommodate dump trucks or the installation of a grasshopper, and a cost that is appropriate to ensure that the facility remains economical. Ideally, we would even like to have space available quickly and temporarily to take advantage of the optimal processes during free periods. Our solutions, whether mounted on stomps or directly onto concrete support blocks, provide speedy installation, the necessary heights, and the needed strengths at the most affordable prices.

    Adapt the production phases to the activity in the shortest possible time and at the best cost

    Establishment of a production/packaging/finishing/packaging line

    Making room for a new production, packaging, or bagging line will certainly necessitate rearranging all or a portion of your logistics flows. It is not always possible to wait for the arrival of a new building or to consider an extension. Similarly, the outsourcing of storage can further complicate logistics.

    To match the structures (and subsequently the investments) to the actual requirement, it may be useful in situations like these to position the least sensitive products behind a metal-textile structure. These goods may be packed or dry raw materials in bulk upstream in the supply chain, or fine goods or dry materials downstream (pallets, cartons, packaging). For more agility, using a modular structure both on-site and in the marketplace cuts down on costs and time.

    Offer additional surface area to keep pace with production

    Storage space saturation

    The activity is sustained, the production capacity is good but it is the storage spaces that are lacking. Whatever the reason (disruption of supply chains, acceleration of production, new markets) and whatever the type of storage (bulk, big bags, pallets, drums), our solutions allow you to extend your storage capacity, upstream or downstream of the production chain. Extremely fast, installed temporarily or permanently, they are available for rent or purchase.

    Absorb peak activity at the best value for money

    Seasonal activity

    Agri-food is sometimes an extremely seasonal activity, whether linked to harvests, changes in commodity prices or the seasonality of consumption and distribution. These particular features therefore require storage capacities that vary greatly over time. Our dismountable structures allow you to temporarily adapt by temporarily enlarging your storage, production or order preparation areas. To help you absorb your peaks in activity, we can install the necessary covered area directly at the best price/quality ratio.

    Securing end-to-end production processes in a state-of-the-art manner

    Quality control and adequacy/ Compliance

    Compliance with safety standards and norms in the world of agri-food are the first points of vigilance. Quality controls are an integral part of the production process as the subject is sensitive. It is sometimes necessary, for products upstream and downstream of the production chain, to have additional space to carry out these checks: covering a sampling cannula in the case of cereals, for example, checking packaging, shielding pallets, etc.

    Our buildings are the ideal complement to carry out these compliance checks in good conditions and ensure that the products are well protected.

    Locabri will support you

    Do you need to create an extra temporary space ?

    We support you throughout the process and we offer a rented solution adapted to your needs.

    Our support

    Do you need to create a definitive or very long-term space ?

    We offer the sale of our structures for companies that have a firm and long-term vision and wish to invest over several years. The purchase is considered as a cash outflow (Capex)

    Our support

    Modular buildings validated by professionals


    Discover the uses of modular solutions by our customers.
    We thank them for their trust and their testimonies.

    « The project to outsource part of the production and storage had three major constraints :

    • Compliance with IFS food standards to maintain our certification,
    • The local urban plan that did not allow us to file a building permit on this classified site,
    • The speed of execution of the work.

    The solution of a dedicated dismountable building was obvious.. »

    Bailly-Lapierre Cellars
    logo Caves Bailly Lapierre

    « We had to cover a food packaging storage area which was stored outdoors. These packages could not be stored in our premises because they were sometimes very bulky.

    We could not build traditional construction for budget reasons. Remote storage was not feasible because we needed to have these packages nearby for our production process. We therefore opted for the installation of dismountable modular buildings.»

    logo Sofralab

    « The quality [ ... ] convinced us. We will not dismantle these modular warehouses, but rather we will reallocate them. Adjustments will be made in terms of equipment. Finished products will be taken out to make room for supplies - labels, caps, cartons, etc. »

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