Do removable modular buildings take long to install?


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Are removable buildings environmentally friendly?

Modular buildings are constructed with aluminium or steel. These materials have the characteristic of being 100% recyclable, while maintaining their resistance qualities. The materials we use for...

tags : FAQ | 14-02-19

What is the minimum rental period?

Locabri's rental formulae are flexible and offer great versatility: modular structures can be rented for periods from one month to several years.

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Do I need a building permit

Permanent modular buildings are subject to the requirements of the building permit in the same way as any other construction.

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Is the removable modular building a costy choice?


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How durable is a modular storage warehouse?

Modular buildings such as temporary storage warehouses have aluminium or steel structures which are solid and durable. These structures can be installed for several years on the same site, or be...

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Who uses removable buildings?

Locabri's main customers are large industrial groups, large retailers, local authorities, logistics companies, as well as many SMEs. In general, these are companies that have to cope with...

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ISO 9001: 2015 Standard

THE PURPOSE OF THE ISO 9001: 2015 STANDARD IS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION In order to achieve a high level of satisfaction, the company needs to meet these requirements.

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The NF/EN 13782 standard

BY APPLYING THIS STANDARD TO ITS BUILDINGS, LOCABRI PROTECTS PEOPLE AND OBJECTS FROM DAMAGE DUE TO THE DESIGN,  For the manufacture and operation of French and European structures, this standard...

The Snow and Wind 65 standard

REFERENCE: DTU P 06-002 The Snow and Wind standard sets the values for climatic overload, and specifies the methods of evaluating the corresponding resistance values for the whole of a...


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