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Written by Christophe Chapuis
06 September 2019


What is a buffer stock?

When it is about raw materials or packagings, usually you have to think about buffer stock and its management.

The buffer stock enables you to guarantee the supply on the production chains.

How important having a buffer stock is?

The buffer stock allows you to guarantee the pace difference between the stock supply in packaging and raw materials and the consumption of this stock. In some cases, the buffer stock is also a safety organ, because it allows you to protect yourself from every failures that can happen earlier in the chain, at the provider's.

Why should you protect it?

Since the buffer stock is a vital and even safety organ for a company, it is necessary to guarantee the maintenance condition so that it is ready to use.

The buffer stock can be :

  • protected from the bad weather
  • protected from the heat
  • protected from the cold

in order to preserve its quality and guarantee its good use in the industrial production line.

Nowadays, buffer stocks are managed differently in companies. However, usually companies will reserve a space in their actual storage to fill their stocks and thereby to have a buffer stock.

Other companies opt for organizing their buffer stock next to their production area. These companies will create a storage area to make their buffer stock available for the production chain, in case of an emergency need of packaging or raw materials.

To conclude, the buffer stock is an essential thing for many companies in the industrial sector. For that matter, it is strongly recommended to protect this buffer stock. A few solutions are available to protect them.

Our experts can help you, take advantage of their advice.

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