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Written by Juliette Sudon
10 December 2019

Industrial companies or retail chains can be faced with a space problem which prevents them from responding to their customers' demands, or from reaching production targets.

In fact, the premises in which the companies are located are sometimes too small, and moving can be long and complicated (find the land, make the move without impacting their business or social impact, etc.)

Aware of this challenge, Locabri provides businesses with a flexible and responsive solution, thanks to the installation of removable modular structures directly on their site.

With an evolving rental, businesses can benefit from this solution for a long period of time. They will have the option to extend their contract if their need for space persists.

What are the reasons that might require the use of a temporary building?

There are different reasons for companies to increase their storage or production area:

  • Should I respond to an increase in activity?
  • Taking on a product launch or a market takeover
  • Should I carry out an industrial or logistical reorganisation?
  • Successfully merging / consolidating facility
  • Creating a new production line
  • Increasing available space pending relocation or expansion
  • Maintaining activity during a period of work
  • Recovering after a disaster: fire, flood, etc

In all these circumstances, the companies' priority is to act quickly to meet the demand of their customers and achieve their objectives within the budget.

What are the main advantages of long-term rental?


Long-term rental is the solution chosen by many customers wishing to increase their storage space or production for a period of a few months to several years.

If your needs persist, it is quite possible to extend your rental, with or without a duration commitment. It is also possible to modify it to meet your changing needs.
This solution is aimed at a wholesale business "Due to a peak in activity, we needed to maintain our stock in storage. We started by renting a structure for 6 months, then 12 months, enlarging it to a total area of 1,100 m² "

The long-term rental of a modular building allows you to maintain your cash flow and investment capacity for your core-business.
The expenses related to the lease are as follows:

  • The cost of installation of the building: payable at the time of installation on your site
  • A monthly rent adjusted to the rental period
  • Removal cost: payable at the end of the contract

They are considered as financial expenses charged to the profit and loss account, and not capitalised. This is why a company in the manufacturing sector has chosen the modular structure: "the use of traditional construction was quickly ruled out because this solution was too difficult to make profitable. Our choice was therefore focused on renting a modular building."

To learn more about the financial benefits of renting, consult our blog post.


Locabri has a large rental stock of 350,000 M² which enables it to react very rapidly upon receipt of a request from a customer. A modular building can be set up quickly on site, depending on the configuration and product chosen:

Long-term rental of a Locabri temporary building allows you to benefit from a ready-to-use solution thanks to a foundationless installation that does not require civil engineering.

That's why a retail chain has recently ordered a temporary tent: "We chose the installation of a modular structure to renovate our store. The main advantage of the modular structure was the speed of intervention."





What are the different criteria to consider when choosing a modular building?

Before choosing your type of modular building, it is necessary to ask several questions:

 1. What is my main need?uel est mon besoin principal ?

  • Is it for a storage building, a production building, a public building, or workers?
  • What is the nature of the products to be stored (goods, finished products, etc.)?
  • How often do I need to work under the structure (permanent or semi-permanent work)?
  • What level of comfort do I need to carry out my business?


2. What are the constraints related to my work environment or my activity?

  • What is the value of products or goods that I want to store in the building?
  • Do the products I stock need to be protected against climatic hazards such as frost or heat?
  •  Do I need hygrometric control for the convenience of employees or stored goods?
  • Do I need special safety equipment to receive the public in compliance with CTS/ERP regulations?

3. How should the structure fit into the organisation of my site?

  • Where can I instal the structure on my site?
  • What will be the logistics flow inside the structure (entry, exit)?
  • What are my needs in terms of pedestrian access, trolleys, trucks, etc.?
  • How often do I need to access it?

Locabri's experts can help you answer these questions and determine the best solution for your business and your needs.

Do you need to rent a modular building and want the benefits of long-term rental? Ask for a free quote online , and a commercial expert will contact you as soon as possible!


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