Trading and Wholesale  

    Responsiveness, flexibility and extra spaces for a sector regularly subject to variations in activity and exceptional storage volumes.

    Dismountable buildings adapted to the needs of wholesale businesses


    Securing the right balance between current and longer-term projects

    Storage of cereals and agricultural products

    Your needs are seasonal and irregular by definition. You have to mediate between long-term investment and one-time rental to remain flexible. This is precisely the heart of our business: to support you by providing simple and fast solutions for short-term needs or more permanent installations. With the widest range on the market, our teams will help you define your need and offer you a suitable solution. 

    Whether for 100 m² or 10,000 m², in the countryside or by the sea, big bag or bulk storage, we will find the ideal solution for you. 

    Do not compromise between storage volume and robustness

    High rack storage on concrete wall

    Do our metal-textile solutions seem unsuitable to you for resisting the lateral thrusts of bulk storage, or much too low for the use of your handling machines (loaders, conveyor belts, etc.)?
    In spite of this, Locabri has a very simple solution: by laying our structures on concrete block walls, we gain the strength and height you are looking for. By combining the strength of the concrete and the flexibility of the canvas, you will find the best reactivity/price balance you are looking for.

    Locabri will support you

    Do you need to create an extra temporary space?

    We support you throughout the process and we offer a rented solution adapted to your needs.

    Our support

    Do you need to create a definitive or very long-term space?

    We offer the sale of our structures for companies that have a firm and long-term vision and wish to invest over several years. The purchase is considered as a cash outflow (Capex).

    Our support

    Modular buildings validated by professionals


    Discover the uses of modular solutions by our customers.
    We thank them for their trust and their testimonies.

    Point P chose tent-type metal and textile structures as a temporary solution before moving a site.

    « We had two selection criteria: speed of deployment and the possibility of dismantling the building. The advantages of such a structure enabled us to meet a temporary  need, and not to leave any trace or pollution on the land that we are renting. »

    Point P
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    Attention to customers at all times: your satisfaction is ours.
    Operational efficiency: we work fast, and we do it well.
    Safety without compromise: nothing is left to chance.


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