Logistics and transport

    Sectors that involve regular activity variations and stock management in just-in-time flows. For you, flexibility is an essential element in order to respond to these temporary fluctuations and invitations to tender.

    Dismountable buildings adapted to the needs of logistics and transport companies


    Absorb peaks of activity with peace of mind

    Seasonal activity

    Some periods of the year are particularly complicated due to peaks in activity. Additional space  for storage, production or order preparation is required.

    Our metal-textile structural rental solutions are installed directly on a heavy road without foundation. 100, 200, 500, 1,000m² in a few days: we install our structures on your site to help you deal with the increase in activity.

    Offer suitable, sustainable and economical volume

    Large -volume handling

    Wind turbines, bulk, wood... your activities demand exceptional storage constraints. It's not easy to find the right balance between your logistical and financial constraints. We can help you find the right solution. Whether with our XXL solutions (60 m of coverage and lateral height of 12 m) or our more "classic" structures, but placed on concrete walls or blocks, we will offer you the best solution. Our sales team and our integrated design office will advise you on how to complete your project as quickly as possible.

    Be agile : organise rapidly and urgently

    Taking on a new market

    You have won a new contract and have a few weeks to get organised.

    You need to find new storage capacity very quickly. Our metal-textile structures are the solution. We set up directly on a heavy path without a foundation.

    Respond to all specificities and constraints

    Port and river logistics

    By definition, port and river logistics are non-standard: severe climatic constraints, specific regulatory constraints, large volume of handling, occasional need for a market or, in the long term, TOAs (Temporary Occupation Authorisation), bulk, timber, cereals... each case is specific and must be treated as such.

    Our strength is to have the widest range on the market to advise and support you in your project. Our metallo-textile range offers you responsiveness and speed of implementation. Our buildings with welded truss frame and canvas roofing offer you XXL dimensions (up to 60m wide and 12m high) and resistance levels compatible with a seaside operation. Our all-steel buildings offer an answer for longer-term needs.

    Locabri will support you

    Do you need to create an extra temporary space ?

    We support you throughout the process and we offer a rented solution adapted to your needs.

    Our support

    Do you need to create a definitive or very long-term space ?

    We offer the sale of our structures to companies that have a firm and long-term vision and wish to invest over several years. The purchase is considered as a cash outflow (Capex).

    Our support

    Modular buildings validated by professionals


    Discover the uses of modular solutions by our customers.
    We thank them for their trust and their testimonies.

    « We are specialists in tailor-made logistics. For covered storage space needs, we use modular and demountable buildings such those made by Locabri, and we do so directly on the premises of our clients. The major advantage of Locabri is receiving a very quick response that corresponds to our needs. Today at Idéa Logistique, we use modular buildings on a temporary basis »

    Idéa Logistique
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    « We used Locabri structures for parts storage. These spaces allowed us to get around with forklifts to transport our pallets. The objectives were to cope with bad weather, while maintaining a low cost and flexible solution. As such, the Locabri rental formulas and the modularity of the buildings guided our choice towards modular solutions in metal textiles. »

    SNCF Technicentre
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    Safety without compromise : nothing is left to chance.


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