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Written by Bruno Jouassin
12 September 2019

If the reasons to store correctly its raw materials can seem obvious-protection, conservation, control- the reasons to take care of the packagings are less obvious...

Store its packagings on an industrial site: the quality challenge

Packagings must be stored in the best conditions on industrial site for a first reason, probably the most important one: make you want to buy. The final customer will naturally go for a product with a flawless packaging rather than a product with a wrinkled or used packaging.

Usually, the final customer will not make you a favour: their level of requirement will be as tough as the competition is.

Protect its raw materials thanks to storage solutions

The raw material must be protected from bad weathers: cold, wind, humidity, UVs. If the packaging has undeniable aesthetics properties that incites the purchase of products, on an industrial site they also have a protection purpose.

The packaging is yet not the only protector. The raw materials are not only stored in containers but also put under storage buildings. It allows you to solve various issues.

Guarantee the security of materials and packagings

Storage buildings and the logistic organization that goes with it allow you to limit and control the access to raw materials. In this way, malicious acts or undeclared blunders are not supported.

A flawless higiene for your raw materials

More specifically for food products, packaging is not enough to guarantee an irreproachable hygiene. The food must also be protected from pests and humidity thanks to a storage building.

Store well for a better organisation of the production line

Some packagings or films must respect humidity properties and precise temperatures to be used in a production line in the best conditions.

After this step, during the products conditioning, some issues can happen: if tags are not in the quality standards for instance, some operators must intervene to sort the problematic bundles. It can require a lot of time and slow down the logistic chain that follows.

Respect the regional storage requirements

The requirements for the storage of packagings and raw materials can also differ depending on the countries. For example, pallets used for food products do not have the same requirement in Asia than in Europe or America. Asian countries require an area dedicated to storing the pallets for hygiene and security reasons. It is good to know if you are planning to work with this continent.

Storing your packaging and raw materials is a priority for protection reasons but also for efficiency reasons. It is even more important if the company is international.

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