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    Since 1975, Locabri has been designing, manufacturing and marketing removable modular buildings and warehouses for the industrial, logistics and mass distribution sectors. Based in Brignais, in the Lyon region, all of our buildings are manufactured locally with French partners.

    Our company

    Locabri: a business on a human scale

    Locabri is a French company which designs, manufactures, rents and sells removable modular buildings: industrial buildings, , warehouses and public-access buildings. ISO9001:2015 certified, it serves industry, mass distribution and local authorities, throughout France, Spain and the rest of Europe.
    The range of products offered includes metal-textile structures, such as marquees, removable warehouses and metallic industrial buildings designed according to construction standards.
    These solutions are a simple, fast and economical way to meet the need for additional covered area (growth in activity, building work, unforeseen events).

    • These solutions are simple because the surface areas and the equipment levels are tailor-made and can evolve in line with changing needs. It is even possible to move the structure to free up the space.

    • They are fast, as the equipment is available from stock and installed within 15 days directly on your site, up to 1,000m² per 48 hrs.

    • They are cost-effective, as in rental there is no capital lock-up, costs are variable according to use and installation directly on site is a source of operating savings.

    Choosing Locabri means deciding to reduce the environmental impact of your buildings by using a minimum of materials for the maximum volume and for the right length of time.


    Work with us

    Why work with Locabri?

    Working with Locabri means counting on a team of 75 people, located throughout France and Europe, with a customer-orientated core identity and a 4-point policy.


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    Customer care at all times

    The core principle identified in the ISO 9001 standard, obtained in 2009, our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our 100% personalised and hands-on support, from initial contact to removal.


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    Operational efficiency: we work quickly, we do it well

    Our design office develops simple and cost-effective solutions to meet your expectations. Once you have specified your needs, we will send you a full estimate within 24 hours and carry out the work within 15 days.


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    Safety without compromise: nothing is left to chance

    We train our staff and authorised service providers in safety standards and risk prevention. Our structures are certified and our facilities are subject to regular audits.


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    A 5-step method for each project

    A team experienced in a 5-step method that meets customers' requirements, while providing them with the flexibility they need for their growth:
    # Needs analysis and advice
    # Safeguarding the project before starting
    # Project preparation
    # Project execution
    # Maintenance and monitoring

    This translates into 3 installations per day and 250,000 m² of installations and removals per year!

    Our methodology

    Corporate social responsibility

    Our CSR policy

    Since its creation, Locabri has endeavoured to build long-term win-win relationships with its stakeholders: customers, employees, service providers, suppliers, shareholders and more.
    As buildings and metallurgy professionals, Locabri demonstrates clear commitment and, above all, action to ensure the pragmatic stewardship of the three axes of sustainable development:

    • Protecting the environment,
    • Sustainable growth,
    • Societal development.

    Locabri is committed to measures taken to protect the environment and to the following operating principles:

    • Compliance with laws, regulations and current standards,
    • The upstream design of products according to the principles of functional economy. The materials and equipment we use are selected on the basis of their low environmental footprint, in relation to precise criteria, such as high insulation qualities, recyclability, etc.
    • Response and execution times respect the commitments made to customers. Our teams make rounds to optimise their journeys, and some of our. 
    • Nous veillons à la réduction de consommation de ressources naturelle pour les charpentes nous utilisons de l’aluminium pour 90 % de notre production, les entoilages sont recyclables. Nos véhicules sont changés régulièrement et nous privilégions la réutilisation du parc informatique en état de fonctionnement. 
    • Nous accompagnons nos collaborateurs : de leur intégration à leur formation continue tout au long de leur parcours chez Locabri.
    • Nous écoutons nos salariés via notre système d'amélioration en continu mais aussi en concertant les instances représentatives du CSE. 
    • Informations et communications en temps réel : auprès de toutes nos parties prenantes.

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    The men and women who make the business

    Locabri did not wait for the professional gender equality index to highlight its teams' skills.

    This index, rated out of 100 points, must be displayed for companies with more than 50 employees, which is the case for us. This index notably includes the gender pay gap, the distribution of pay rises, and promotion gaps.

    Today, for structural reasons, we are unable to calculate the first criterion – the gender pay gap – as the breakdown only allows us to compare 14% of the workforce, which is not representative.

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    On the other hand, we can display a score of 50 out of 60 for the 3 other criteria of the index:

    • Pay rise differences between women and men,
    • Women who return from maternity leave and receive an increase in their pay
    • The number of under-represented people in the company's 10 highest salary levels.

    We can also underline that the Locabri Executive Committee is equally represented and has been for more than 10 years.

    Men and women who are at your service

    All of our staff are focused on customer service, each playing a role in responding to new challenges

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    Locabri is recruiting!
    Take a look at our job opportunities, or be spontaneous and tell us why you want to join us!

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