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    Industrial marquee

    Locabri's classic range of industrial marquees can be adapted to all your storage needs – packaging, raw materials, spare parts, etc. – stockrooms and ancillary facilities for mass distribution. The marquees are modular and can be moved as required with adjustable levels of equipment.

    Main features

    Available for rental or purchase, Locabri marquees allow you to quickly increase your storage area, provide shelter for your loading areas or even manage periods of building work.

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    Availability of equipment: the marquees are delivered turnkey in less than 20 days.

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    Modularity: you can modify your marquee as your needs evolve.

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    Your rent is always in line with your level of business activity.

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    These industrial marquees comply with the current legislation: labour code and building standards.



    Industrial marquee

    This structure was designed to meet your needs for ad hoc extensions for storage, during a period of renovation work, a change in activity or following an incident.

    Download the technical data sheet




    Industrial marquee

    It is installed directly on your site. It is fully modular and removable: tailor-made and scalable surface area, numerous layout and equipment options. Construction is fast, the building site is tidy and has no impact on your business.
    The equipment is permanently in stock and can be delivered turnkey in 15 days.
    Your rent is always in line with your level of business activity.

    Download the technical data sheet



    Technicals specifications

    Industrial marquee

    Span: 5 to 20 metres

    Length: in multiples of 5 metres

    Side height: 3 to 5 metres

    Ridge height: 3.50 to 9 metres

    Ground anchoring : plates fixed by piles or concrete plugs

    Frame:  aluminium profile


    One-piece roof:

    • Flexible PVC composite on 620g/m² polyester support translucent white colour
    • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust, double-sided coating
    • Fire resistance category M2 (low flammability). Roof-edge tension bars

    Choice of lighting

    • LED
    • Chandelier
    • Néon
    • Security unit

    Depending on the use of the marquee and current regulations


    External wall


    • PVC composite on 590g/m² polyester, solid colour or striped.
    • Anti-UV, anti-cripto, anti-dust, double-sided coating.
    • Fire resistance category M2 (low flammability).

    Steel sheeting:

    • Galvanised painted grey
    • Mock gable tip in flexible PVC composite fabric on white 650 g/m² polyester.



    • Door or panic door,
    • Single or double leaf,
    • Automatic glass door

    Handling equipment and trucks:

    • Lift-up canvas panel
    • Sliding canvas curtain
    • Double-leaf sliding gate
    Download the technical data sheet


    A wide range of equipment can be added on to this standard offer, such as: insulated walls, transparent cladding, goods openings, heating, etc. Discover the most frequently used items when the marquee is used for storage. You can request specific equipment according to your needs.



    Double canvas roof

    The double roof is fitted into the lower groove of the crossbar. This second skin, manufactured by the company Serge Ferrari (402), provides highly effective protection against condensation.
    The double roof reduces the thermal load in the marquee.


    Adaptable lighting

    Depending on the activity carried out in the marquee – staff permanently inside the marquee or only passing through – the lighting can be adapted to your needs, allowing you to consume only what you need in terms of energy: ambient, industrial and security lighting.


    Water recovery

    With a continual concern for the environment and for staff well-being, the storage warehouses can collect water from above and at ground level: guttering, junction valleys, drip trays, etc. This equipment makes the modular structure watertight.


    Protection of walls and poles

    In storage areas, the coming and going of handling equipment sometimes brings risks associated with collision with the building! To avoid these inconveniences, Locabri offers cladding protectors positioned at the bottom of the wall at a distance agreed with you, as well as pole protectors. This equipment is an essential safety component.

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    The solution that combines responsiveness and security to increase your storage area, house your loading areas or manage works.

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