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    Modular and removable buildings offer flexibility in the management of your storage, maintenance or production areas. These modular constructions, tailored to meet the current standards in your business areas, can be directly installed on your site within very short deadlines.


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    Construction work

    In complete safety

    Periods of construction work are often associated with temporary reorganisation. There may be some doubt as to their actual duration.
    For these two reasons, Locabri has developed modular buildings to meet both the needs of the building site and the constraints of the company during the work.
    The erected awnings, marquees or warehouses meet the demands of equipment protection while ensuring optimal weather resistance.
    Locabri brings you specialist expertise, assisting you in your choice of modular building, as well as the rental contract associated with your project.

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    Without work disruption

    It is essential to carry out regular maintenance on your production line.
    This scheduled maintenance entails the temporary reorganisation of your production and storage areas. Locabri industrial marquees give you the flexibility to organise these periods in the best possible way and without having to stop all operations.

    The units offered by Locabri provide you with useful covered areas in which to house your machinery or items to be taken out of the workshop during the maintenance process.
    Our rental solutions optimise the cost of maintenance for the length of time you need them.

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    New production line

    In complete safety

    Whether the redevelopment of your production site is planned or sudden, our modular and removable buildings are able to meet your requirements.
    These modular industrial buildings are available from a few months to several years, for rent or for purchase.
    The very design of the building adapts to your needs: standard or made-to-measure, with variable equipment depending on the activity being accommodated. Standards of the construction industry and those related to your activity are taken into consideration and adhered to.
    We advise and support you so that your project is technically and financially sound. Our approach offers flexibility and responsiveness so that your project fully meets your challenges.

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    In-situ storage


    In order to optimise flows on their production site, manufacturers use modular storage warehouses for rental or purchase.
    Locabri installs modular warehouses to meet the challenges of market flexibility, while guaranteeing the safety of people and goods.

    By adapting the covered space to your storage needs – for packaging, pallets, raw materials or finished products – you can optimise the utilisation rate of your building.
    You can also save money by carrying out these installations in-situ at your production site: no transport, handling or outsourced storage costs.

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    Minimise your losses

    Any of us can be hit by a disaster. If this affects your business premises, it is important to react quickly to minimise losses. For the most organised among you, Locabri tents and removable warehouses will already be included in your Business Continuity Plan. If this is not the case, you can find the checklist of questions to ask yourself in our Guide: “anticipate or manage a disaster on your industrial site”.
    At Locabri, we offer you the ability to quickly install a temporary marquee on your site to house what can be saved.
    Our rental packages allow you to manage your time as you enter phase 2 and the reconstruction of your working environment: storage, production, offices, etc.
    We can also help you rethink the layout of your site by integrating permanent modular buildings into its reconstruction.

    Which solution to choose ?


    Applications in your industry sectors

    The Locabri team have been involved in work on industrial sites for over 30 years. Over the years, the needs, regulations and security on your sites have evolved and Locabri adapts to these developments. Find out the essentials of removable buildings in your business areas


    Agri-food Industry

    Peak consumption, seasonal storage: your activity varies. Expansion solutions are available quickly, do not tie up your capital and guarantee you optimal flexibility.

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    Equipment suppliers

    Automobile or aeronautical equipment: your sector is highly competitive. Locabri supports and guides you through your expansion, and helps you in the management of infrastructures to support the fluctuations in your production.

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    Heavy industry and manufacturing

    Bringing into line with standards, creating new production lines or temporary extension: Locabri helps you set up modular buildings so as not to interrupt your business flows.

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    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

    BPS (Specified Concrete Properties), GMP or FDA standards, temperature control, exposure to light, etc. Your premises are subject to the most stringent requirements. Meet these requirements in your new buildings with our modular structures.

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    Energy and Environment

    Protection of decontaminated zones, waste storage, decommissioning of classified areas: you will need appropriate and temporary cover. Locabri modular buildings can house these operations in complete security.

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    Wholesale trade

    Calls for tenders, exceptional storage: Locabri intervenes quickly to provide you with an additional covered area according to your business fluctuations.

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    Transport and logistics

    Successful tenders, seasonal increases in activity, just-in-time stock management: Locabri is prompt and effective in the supply of temporary or permanent storage warehouses.

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    Plastics industry

    Establishing a temporary or permanent workshop: Locabri optimises your covered spaces according to your constraints to meet your production requirements.

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    3 phases are identified for our involvement: quality control, temporary screening sites and during long-term storage or clearance periods. Locabri adapts the modular spaces to these 3 key moments in your business activities.

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    These products may be of interest to you

    To meet your challenges, Locabri can provide you with secure, high-quality structures, taking into account your safety constraints.


    Storage warehouse

    Secure, removable warehouses for all your storage needs and for the expansion of your existing warehouses. Solution available for a few months or several years, with a level of equipment tailored to your needs.

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    Industrial building

    Our removable industrial buildings are designed for faster, more flexible and more responsible construction.
    Whether you are expanding your production plant or building a new one, modular buildings solutions are adaptable and scalable while complying with construction and safety standards.

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    Industrial marquee

    Locabri offers modular and removable industrial marquees. They are designed to grow with your needs and to be installed without foundations.
    They are intended to meet a temporary storage demand and are set up directly on your operating site.

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    The awning or hangar is open. It can be deployed very quickly in situ and simplifies the flow of stored goods and handling equipment.

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    Some of our loyal clients

    In all industry sectors combined, more than 250,000 m² are built every year! Discover some of the installations carried out in France and elsewhere in Europe.

    «We specialise in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom fittings. We needed to expand our storage area, so we bought some Locabri modular structures. What convinced us to choose the solution proposed by Locabri was the speed of the installation. »


    "Due to rapid growth, we needed space to store half-finished products. These products are bulky and require a large storage area.
    We chose a modular warehouse of 250 m², with a height of 5 metres, which we are renting."


    “The main advantages are on a human level. Some of our staff work outside in summer and winter. Now they have shelter for part of their work. Handing, such as packaging, is more ergonomic and of a better quality.


    Our company builds wooden cabins, timber frames and structures. We needed a covered storage area to store dry wood. What convinced us to use modular structures is their flexibility. Their use is not frozen in time and we can develop our building according to our business activity. In addition, these structures were spacious enough to install racks.

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