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Written by Charlene Gilardi
14 February 2019

Permanent modular buildings are subject to the requirements of the building permit in the same way as any other construction.

Temporary constructions, and in particular temporary modular buildings, are however exempt from the building permit requirements as defined by Decree 2007-18 of 5 January 2007, if their retention period does not exceed 3 months. However, this three-month period is subject to exceptions.

It is extended to:

  • one year for the constructions necessary for the emergency relocation of the victims of an accident, or a natural or technological disaster,
  • a school year for removable structures installed in schools or universities to compensate for temporary shortfalls in reception capacity,
  • the duration of the work for the temporary constructions directly necessary for the execution of the works as well as the facilities related to the marketing of a building under construction, and for a period of one year, as regards the constructions required within less than three metres from the yard,
  • the duration of a cultural, commercial, tourist or sporting event, within the limit of one year, with regard to the constructions or temporary installations directly related to this event.


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