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    Opportunity 1

    Stay responsive at all times

    Whether you need to increase your production rate, manage fluctuations in your activity or increase your storage capacity quickly, the modular structure allows you to be flexible and responsive.
    Thanks to adapted and pre-configured parts that do not require foundations, the assembly of your modular structures is fast and secure, and does not disrupt your activity


    Opportunity 2

    Ensure the safety of your users and your regulatory compliance

    CTS ERP regulation, Snow and Wind norms, ICPE legislation, NF norms, thermal regulations, etc.
    Modular structures meet precise technical standards related to different sectors, both for their assembly and for their use.
    All with one major objective: the safety of your users and your property.

    Know the standards


    Opportunity 3

    Limit your expenditure

    The modular structures allow businesses to keep their cash for investments other than property, and to focus on their core business.
    Based on the USGAAP or IAS17 international accounting standards, the lease is included in the company's expenses and not in its debts.
    This solution gives companies the opportunity to adapt their costs to business fluctuations, unlock their investment potential and focus on their major challenges.

    Financial solutions


    Opportunity 4

    Adopt an eco-friendly approach

    Construction site pollution and surplus materials: modular structures are more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings.
    We build them to measure in our workshop, and know precisely the quantities of materials needed.
    From a circular economy perspective, our materials are reusable and recyclable.
    Engage in an eco-responsible approach with modular solutions.

    CSR policy


    What are users saying?

    Here are a few experiences and success stories from customers in industry, mass distribution and even local authorities, which explain what led them to choose modular solutions!



    POMA improves its working conditions with modular solutions

    The main advantages are on a human level. Some of our staff work outside in summer and winter. Now they have shelter for part of their work. [ ... ] Handing, such as packaging, is more ergonomic and of a better quality.
    [ ... ] Improvements since mid-2016: on the delivery of products, their packaging, and greater responsiveness.

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    EVIAN leverages modular flexibility

    The quality [...] convinced us. We will not dismantle these modular warehouses, but redeploy them. Some adjustments will be made in terms of equipment. Finished products will be taken out to make room for supplies – labels, caps, cardboard boxes, etc.

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    Brico Dépôt: temporary expansion of a sales area

    We needed a marquee to expand our sales area and accommodate our customers. This is an initiative that we run at the beginning of each year in order to launch our catalogue. The modular marquee was the most suitable solution for temporarily expanding our sales area. [...] The whole venture went really well. Response times are fast and the delivery deadline was met.

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    Furthermore, we compared modular structures, traditional construction and recourse to an external logistics provider. All the financial, logistical and regulatory specificities are included.


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