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    Industrial building

    User experience is at the heart of our builds: you confirm the feasibility of your project, and it is our job to bring it to fruition and carry it out.

    Main features

    This all-steel industrial building combines the advantages of a removable modular construction and a traditional building.

    List line

    It can accommodate your new production or storage spaces.

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    It is delivered turnkey within 3 months of signing the order.

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    The feasibility study is free and without obligation on your part.

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    It is available for rental or purchase.



    Industrial building

    Storage of high-added-value products, creation of production workshops, testing of new equipment and/or processes...
    Locabri offers you durable and removable buildings, which evolve with your needs.







    Industrial building

    For this type of building, tailor-made is often the norm, and we have developed a customised approach to meet the requirements of professionals.

    Personalised support

    If you are unsure of how to approach your construction project, Locabri can provide you with upstream support with a feasibility study, a joint drafting of the technical specifications of your needs and send you an initial technical and budgetary proposal in less than 7 days. Project management, including technical strategies, and compliance with Classified Facilities for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE) and building standards are managed by our staff. We can also manage the planning permission procedure. A ten-year guarantee is offered if the building is erected on foundations.


    Deadlines met, budgets under control

    At Locabri, we are mindful of your needs and constraints as clients, and guarantee the control of your budget and respect for your deadlines. Locabri provides you with the financial engineering to enable you to make the right choice when buying or renting.


    Industrialised buildings

    The construction principle offers a durable solution that is simple and quick to implement. The building is sized according to your criteria. This building is double-slope and single-storey. This construction principle limits the costs of civil engineering and site works.
    They fit perfectly into the industrial environment. The level of finish and quality of the equipment are high. These buildings comply with the current construction standards, the Code of Practice, as well as certain standards specific to your areas of activity.




    Technicals specifications

    Industrial building

    • Width : from 20 metres
    • Length: in multiples of 5 metres or to measure
    • Height: Height: from 6 metres
    • Surface area: from 500 to more than 5000 m²
    • Steel frame
    • Walls in single-layer steel sheeting or insulated sandwich panels
    • Steel roofing
    • Multiple openings: Multiple openings: pedestrians, doors and gates for machinery, trucks and stock, windows
    • Options on request: basic and simple interior fittings

    The dimensions of the buildings are calculated according to construction standards and legislation specific to the site and area of activity.





    A wide range of equipment can be added on to this standard offer, such as: water management, lighting, smoke extraction, sprinkler system, heating / air conditioning, ladder, lifeline, fire detection
    You can request specific equipment according to your needs.



    Sprinkler system

    Sprinkler equipment can be attached to the framework of Locabri industrial buildings in order to comply with safety standards.



    In commercial buildings, such as workshops, windows are installed in order to let in natural light for the well-being of workers.


    Smoke extraction

    Smoke vents on the roof or on the facade allow effective smoke extraction in the event of a fire.


    Customisation in brand colours

    If you want your new building to integrate perfectly into your existing building stock, we can make cladding in your choice of colours or in wood...

    Request a customised design

    At Locabri, we are here to support you in your choices and at all stages of your project

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    The solution that combines responsiveness and security to increase your storage area, house your loading areas or manage works.

    Technical specifications



    Locabri provides you with solutions to support your projects, alternative financing, administrative assistance...

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