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Written by Charlene Gilardi
03 April 2019

Whether you are a big company or a SME the ISO 9001:2015 certification brings advantages to different levels: customers, companies, and partners.

As a reminder, the ISO standards guarantee the safety and quality of the products and services, facilitate the international business and contribute to the improvement of our environment. Moreover, they are international and allow the same referencing of certification criteria.


What are the advantages for the customers?

The use of the standard is a way of defining concrete goals at all levels to meet the customers expectations whether they are external or internal.

To support the customer orientation, the goals have to be in tune with the customer’s needs and expectations: choice and follow up of relevant indicators, the management system aims at the continuous improvement of the company performances.Customer satisfaction surveys were implemented in companies at different steps of the customer life cycle. It enables bringing an undeniable listening to the customers expectations.


What are the advantages for the partners?

At the management level: the Quality Management System-QMS- is the common thread to master the implementation of the strategy and its piloting on the basis of recognized efficiency and performance indicators.

At the partner’s level: it is an interdisciplinary approach, which rallies the teams around a continuous improvement project.

Finally, the advantages for the company are the following:

An approach that favours the decompartmentalisation and which brings a global vision of the company functioning.

The ISO 9001 approach, through its process approach, strengthens: the understanding by the staff of the importance of its input and its role; the identification of the interfaces between the different functions; the definition of the necessary responsibilities to achieve the common goals and reduce the risks and blockings.

For the company it is also an opportunity to:
–reduce the costs, thanks to better-conceived systems and processes.
–increase the customer satisfaction, thanks to an improvement of safety, quality and processes,
–access to new markets, by guaranteeing the compatibility of products and services,
– reduce the environmental impact

Today the ISO 9001 :2015 standard mustn’t be perceived as an obstacle for the company but rather like an opportunity to structure its internal processes and to win new markets, it is a real competitive advantage and an international recognition.

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