6 levers to fight against waste and to be more efficient

Waste exists in various forms and step of your supply chain : overproduction, non compliance, excess stock, useless transports, overprocessing, energy waste...

Modular structure, traditional construction or external service provider?

Detecting the waste situations for your supply chain, and identify areas where we can improve our own environmental record.

Case study
A modular structure to react quickly to a building fire: the Proludic case

In this case study discover how modular buildings implant themselves in an industrial site

Do you need extra floor space? Discover Locabri's easy modular buildings

Call on the experts, who come to settle directly at your company. Discover the process in 2 minutes!

What is a removable modular building?

It is a simple building to install, which meets your needs both in terms of dimensions and equipment!

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